Sleep More! Stress Less!

There are countless videos, memes, and quotes that tells us to hustle harder and sleep less. Often times, the voices behind those messages highlight their successes and really cool possessions as evidence that their method of ‘less sleep’ is the best route to the top. We’ve even seen...

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New Year! New Health!

It’s that time of year again when we give thanks for making it to the end! Then, create lists and vision boards of what we hope to accomplish during the upcoming year. Before continuing, take a moment to give yourself a round of applause because you’ve made it....

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How Stress and Anxiety Affects the Skin

Are you tired of constant breakouts on your face, the uneven skin tone, the dark circles under your eyes that make you lose your self-confidence? Are you missing that glow that made you look fresh and ready to glide through the day? You might be tempted to increase...

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Indoor Plants for First Time Plant Parents

The perfect guide for all the beginners who want to parent plants in their houses. Taking care of a plant can be a strenuous task. People are often hesitant to parent a houseplant because of how much care and maintenance it requires. It can be difficult for a...

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