Four Houseplants to Bring Calming Energy into your Home

 We get it, you aren’t where you thought you’d be. Life has been beyond overwhelming and it Is easier said than done to find something grounding and tranquil to hold onto. While we don’t have the answer to all of the stressors in life, what we do know is that some things can’t hurt. Here at Urban Serenite Apothecary, we embrace the power of nature. What better way to find relief in nature than to bring it into your own home?

A 2016 study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows that women surrounded by plants in their homes live longer live, primarily due to the mental health benefits and cleaner air that indoor plants bring. Here are our 4 favorite plants to reduce feelings of anxiety and welcome tranquility into your home.


Golden Pothos / Epipremnum aureum

Also known as “Devil’s Ivy”, the houseplant staple is much more calming than its nickname may seem. For one, golden pothos is a beginner friendly houseplant that can tolerate low light. Even on days where you may have trouble taking care of yourself, the pothos will always be your ride-or-die! As an added bonus, this ivy plant purifies indoor air pollution, such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, benzene, carbon monoxide. In short, this plant naturally filters out the toxins that lurk in your carpets, paint, or household cleaner so you can breathe and think more clearly.

Lastly, golden pothos is a fan favorite for decorating, as it can trail up and wrap around a pole, or trail down and hang like a lush curtain. As soon as I moved into my new home with a bathroom window, I hung golden pothos up above my shower. Now they enjoy the humidity from my hot showers, and I feel like I am bathing in a jungle!

Pothos comes in many varieties of colors, so there are many different pothos vines to try!


Lucky Bamboo / Dracaena Branuii

Lucky Bamboo is a tiny green that can grow curly or braided into one other. Used for centuries in traditional Chinese feng shui, this plant brings prosperity and longevity while also being easy to care for, as long as it get plenty of bright indirect light. The fact that it has stuck around so long as a calming houseplant really speaks for itself! If you are wanting one in your indoor jungle, lucky bamboo is easy to find in any grocery store or hardware store to bring an effortless sense of calm into your living space.


Swiss Cheese Plant / Monstera Deliciosa

The monstera deliciosa, also called the “swiss cheese plant”, originated in Central America before being adopted as a popular indoor plant. They receive their name due to the holes in the mature leaves! Due to their tropical roots, literally and metaphorically, monsteras thrive in heat and humidity. With the gorgeous exotic foliage that rewards their patient growers every year round, the monstera deliciosa gives a calming spa-like atmosphere to any home.


Tulsi / Ocimum tenuiflorum

 Also known as “Holy Basil”, tulsi is an herb in ayurvedic healing documented as early as 4000 BC! With the myriad of health benefits of tulsi, from antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and disease fighting properties, it is easy to see why it has been consumed by humans for centuries. Tulsi is also unique because it emits oxygen 20 hours a day while also purifying the air! Make sure your holy basil variety gets full sun either indoors or outdoors, and enjoy a houseplant that retains dozens of powerful health benefits, purifies the air, and has a peppery taste to pair with a homecooked meal.

At the end of the day, there is no wrong answer for the best calming greenery. Over the past week I have surveyed dozens of “crazy plant ladies” for their favorite calming plant baby, all giving their own unique answers: oxalis, philodendrons, pileas, fittonias, transcendentia zebrina, fiddle leaf figs, and many more. The best calming houseplant is the one you enjoy the most with the best fit in your household!

Leave a comment below on your favorite houseplant that brings peace and reduced anxiety into your home.

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