All Purpose Healing SalveAll Purpose Healing Salve

All Purpose Healing Salve

Handmade out of 100% organic ingredients that rapidly soothe irritation or chapped skin, this all purpose salve saves the day time and time again. The herbal infusion invigoratingly revives, naturally...
Calendula + Chamomile Infused Body SerumCalendula + Chamomile Infused Body Serum

Calendula + Chamomile Infused Body Serum

Infused with calendula oil and pure chamomile extract, this toning body serum is an herbal healer which naturally combats redness and puffiness like it is nobody's business. Enhanced with ylang...
Citrus + Mint Body Butter BalmCitrus + Mint Body Butter Balm

Citrus + Mint Body Butter Balm

Minty and fresh, the herbal scent of this buttery body balm is naturally energizing. Cleansing, brightening and detoxifying, citrus oils help promote clarity and even out the skin tone. Shown...
Essential Oil Blend - Allergy ReliefEssential Oil Blend - Allergy Relief

Essential Oil Blend - Allergy Relief

Stop sneezes and sniffles in their tracks with healing relief. We've paired the purest grade peppermint and lavender essential oils to deliver a 100% organic aromatherapy blending that naturally relieves...
Essential Oil Roller Blend - Anxiety BlendEssential Oil Roller Blend - Anxiety Blend

Essential Oil Roller Blend - Anxiety Blend

Escape the grind and relax the mind with an aromatherapy roller designed to melt away anxiousness, nervousness and apprehension. Feel things are getting out of control? Get a grasp with...
Essential Oil Roller Blend - Headache ReliefEssential Oil Roller Blend - Headache Relief

Essential Oil Roller Blend - Headache Relief

Formulated using an aromatic blend of oils, this headache relief roll-on quickly soothes away stress tension, migraines and sinus headaches the all natural way. Simply roll a layer of the...
Essential Oil Roller Blend - Meditation BlendEssential Oil Roller Blend - Meditation Blend

Essential Oil Roller Blend - Meditation Blend

Inhale good vibes, roll away the bad. Let the slow unfurl of aromatic vapors take you to an elevated state of peace and serenity. A 100% blend of therapeutic grade...
Essential Oil Roller Blend - Menstrual Cramp ReliefEssential Oil Roller Blend - Menstrual Cramp Relief

Essential Oil Roller Blend - Menstrual Cramp Relief

A fragrant mingling of clary sage and ginger helps ease menstrual cramps, relieve muscle aches and naturally mitigate other common symptoms of PMS. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of an 100%...
Floral Bath SoakFloral Bath Soak

Floral Bath Soak

Showcasing a salty blend composed of Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt, this detoxifying bath treatment draws toxins from the skin in order to speed up healing...

Mustard + Ginger Detox Soak

Featuring a revitalizing blend of ginger and mustard, this therapeutic warming bath treatment is just what you need to soak away the sniffles, fight fatigue, sore muscles and clear up...
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Organic California White Sage Smudge WandOrganic California White Sage Smudge Wand

Organic California White Sage Smudge Wand

Smudge yourself or smudge your space. Believed to rid auras and atmospheres of negative energies, smudging is a cleansing practice that has long been used by healers, shamans and priestesses....
Sensual Rosewood Body Butter BalmSensual Rosewood Body Butter Balm

Sensual Rosewood Body Butter Balm

Rich, creamy and invigorating, this buttery body balm has been infused with a simulative blend of rosemary extract, clove oil and ylang ylang. Shown to possess antiseptic and antibacterial properties,...
Sore Muscle + Stiff Joint SalveSore Muscle + Stiff Joint Salve

Sore Muscle + Stiff Joint Salve

Infused with arnica extract, our Sore Muscle Salve delivers fast-acting relief in order to mitigate soreness, aches, strains and pains. This natural herb serves as the featured ingredient, as it...
Sweet Vanilla  Whipped Body ButterSweet Vanilla  Whipped Body Butter

Sweet Vanilla Whipped Body Butter

Completely void of artificial ingredients, toxic preservatives and heavy additives, our Sweet Vanilla Whipped Body Butter absorbs quickly to leave the skin hydrated and healthy without the extras. Unrefined shea,...

Vanilla Bean + Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Composed of nutrients and minerals that dive deep into the skin to replenish moisture and forcefully lock it in, this coconut milk soak helps achieve a supply texture, an even...
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Yoni Steam Herbal BlendYoni Steam Herbal Blend

Yoni Steam Herbal Blend

Featuring an exclusive blend of ingredients that powerfully align to restore vitality and balance to the reproductive system of a woman, our yoni steam is recommended for ladies of all...