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Sore Muscle + Stiff Joint SalveSore Muscle + Stiff Joint Salve

Sore Muscle + Stiff Joint Salve

Infused with arnica extract, our Sore Muscle Salve delivers fast-acting relief in order to mitigate soreness, aches, strains and pains. This natural herb serves as the featured ingredient, as it...
All Purpose Healing SalveAll Purpose Healing Salve

All Purpose Healing Salve

Handmade out of 100% organic ingredients that rapidly soothe irritation or chapped skin, this all purpose salve saves the day time and time again. The herbal infusion invigoratingly revives, naturally...
Vanilla Bean + Coconut Milk Bath SoakVanilla Bean + Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Vanilla Bean + Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Composed of nutrients and minerals that dive deep into the skin to replenish moisture and forcefully lock it in, this coconut milk soak helps achieve a supply texture, an even...
Mustard + Ginger Detox SoakMustard + Ginger Detox Soak

Mustard + Ginger Detox Soak

Featuring a revitalizing blend of ginger and mustard, this therapeutic warming bath treatment is just what you need to soak away the sniffles, fight fatigue, sore muscles and clear up...

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