Essential Oil Roller Blend - Anxiety Blend

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Escape the grind and relax the mind with an aromatherapy roller designed to melt away anxiousness, nervousness and apprehension. Feel things are getting out of control? Get a grasp with every roll! A mix of frankincense and lavender essential oils, this 100% organic blend tackles anxiety and takes on stress by employing the therapeutic powers of nature's purest elixirs.(10ml)


Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Frankincense, Organic Lavender and other Organic Essential Oils 


Apply a generous amount on the back of the neck, wrist and the bottom of the feet, using fingertips massaging in a circular motion. Reapply throughout the day.


Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use while pregnant or think you are pregnant.

Caring for your product

*To extend the shelf life of your product, store container in a cool , dark and dry place away from moisture. Direct light and moisture will reduce the effectiveness and the shelf life of the product*










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