The 4 Basics of Dry Brushing for Healthier and Smoother Skin

Dry brushing your skin is a great way to reduce cellulite. It also smooth away the less than perfect blemishes on your skin. However, there is a reason to do this simple routine. Plus, you can do it at home without any extra brushes or special machines.

 One of the major benefits of dry brushing is how it helps with circulation and lymphatic drainage. That means it cleans out the toxins in your body faster than a colon cleanse. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and the body uses it to get rid of toxins, it can’t send out the normal way, through the colon.

 You can get rid of dry skin, blemishes, and other problems with your skin when you dry brush. It only takes a minute or two, depending on how much skin you have.  The following are what you need to know about dry brushing.

 How Often To Dry Brush?

 Since dry brushing opens up your pores, it’s something you need to do daily. You can do it as often as twice or three times a day since it helps rid the body of toxins. The best time is just before you shower in the morning or/and at night.

 What Direction Should You Brush?

 Some say to start at your feet and use long sweeping strokes toward your heart. What you’re trying to do is stimulate the skin. That’s what gets the blood moving and pushing out the toxins from your body. Try not to use circular motion or back and forth motions. They will do the same thing, but you’re not trying to scrub the skin off, just remove the dead skin. By going against the grain, so to speak, you’re loosening the dead skin, so it washes off when you shower.

 Of course, there will be some professionals that will tell you different, but everyone has their own way of taking care of their skin. So, choose your own way of stimulating your skin, even if you do it in circles.  You want the skin to be stimulated and invigorated, but not red and hurting.

 What Type of Brush to Use for Dry Brushing?

 This is fairly important since you don’t want to harm your skin or scrub it so hard it causes sores.  A natural vegetable-derived brush is the best one to use for dry brushing. You’ll be doing your back and rear end, so look for one with a long handle. Also, be very sure it’s not a stiff brush, but, then again, you don’t want it too soft. You’ll know when you find the brush for your skin since every person has a different type of skin; you should also have a different type of brush.

 As long as it doesn’t hurt when you brush your skin, it’s a good brush for your skin. Some will have a harder, stiffer brush while others have a softer brush.

 The Major Benefit of Dry Brushing?

 You’ll have less cellulite, tighter skin, more circulation, and a cleaner body, inside and out. The lymphatic system releases toxins when you dry brush. Actually, when the blood starts moving due to the brain thinking the skin is being attacked releases the toxins in your body. After a few days you’ll see and feel a big difference in how your skin looks and feels.


After a month, you’ll see the cellulite slowly disappear as your skin tighten and tones. Add some coffee grounds to the mix, and you’ll see new skin in a matter of weeks.

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