The benefits of Mustard + Ginger Detox Bath Soak

Are you feeling tired and lazy? Is it hard to stay active throughout the day and be productive? Do you find it hard to do the basic chores because you are not fresh? Are you tired but still not able to sleep at night properly? Is waking up in the middle of the night a routine for you? Are you on the path to becoming an insomniac? Are you merely in search of a way to relax and let all your worries flow away? If your reply is yes, you are fortunate as in today's blog, we will tell you of an exciting way to get rid of all these problems. The perfect solution to all these issues is to take a nice, relaxing mustard and ginger detox bath soak. Let's see why that will help you and what exactly is that. 

What is the mustard and ginger detox bath?

Ginger and mustard are the two natural products known to have remarkable effects on the body and soul. That is why mustard tea and ginger tea are two trendy drinks in terms of consumption. However, soaking yourself in a bath made of these two is bound to have much more efficient results than simply sipping on their tea.

A mustard and ginger detox bath is simply a warm bath in which you add both ginger and mustard and then soak in it to reap the fantastic benefits it has to offer. The whole process is designed to let you sweat out the toxins in your body and mind. The bath is already hot, and with the combined effects of mustard and ginger, it becomes hotter, and you sweat a lot, ultimately releasing all the toxins of your body. 

Also, because of the hot water, the pores in your skin open, and they breathe in the mustard and ginger, which helps freshen you up and energize you physically and mentally. The overall alone time in the bath also lets you be there with simply yourself and form a deeper connection with yourself which is ultimately beneficial in the long run. 

So let's dig deeper into how exactly a ginger and mustard bath helps you and how you can make one yourself. 

The benefits of a ginger and mustard detox bath:

There are multiple benefits that both ginger and mustard have to offer individually, and when combined, these benefits become more efficient and positive.

  • Any digestive discomfort that you might be experiencing is fixed, and overall your digestive system improves in performance. 
  • Your blood circulation increases which are crucial for growth in energy and a fresher mind.
  • Any inflammations on your body get better.
  • Acid waste due to exercise and bad dietary habits is also removed, and overall your body gets and feels healthier.
  • Your metabolism is improved. 
  • Mustard also works as an excellent moisturizer, and so your skin will feel softer and silkier. 
  • The overall appearance of your skin is also improved because of how healthy your body gets. Due to the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers of ginger and mustard.
  • The toxins in your body get released via the sweating you experience in the bath. That helps you relax.
  • Your sleeping patterns get better, and you can sleep and wake up at desired times. 
  • You become more productive throughout the day because of the refreshing sense of mind and the energized feeling. 
  • There is an increase in your self-esteem, calm and peaceful state of mind you are in, and your productivity. 

As is mentioned above, there are multiple benefits that a person can achieve by simply taking a ginger and mustard bath. Now, let's look at attaining these benefits, i.e., how to make a ginger and mustard bath for yourself.

How to make a ginger and mustard bath at home:

We all take a bath every day, or every other day, or every two days. So taking out the time for a ginger mustard bath should not be a problem; you need 30 minutes maximum of soaking to see desired results. 

Making a mustard and ginger bath is very simple. Fill up a hot tub of water, and add two tablespoons of mustard powder to it. Then, add a 1-inch piece of ginger. You can also work with grated ginger or a teaspoon of powdered ginger. And add a few drops of rosewater if you feel like it. Some other ingredients you can add to elevate the benefits and the experience are:

  • Essential oils: A few drops of essential oils like lavender, rose oil, chamomile will be of no harm to anyone. You will have a pleasant scent in the bath and a very soothing, relaxing effect. 
  • Epsom salt: Epsom salt will help reduce any muscle aches and add to the overall relaxation effect provided by the bath. 
  • Baking soda: Baking soda works similarly to an exfoliator and will, therefore, have an excellent glowing effect on your skin. It also helps balance your skin's pH, prevent any acid refluxes, and get rid of acid buildup in the stomach or muscles. If baking soda is not present, you can switch it up for apple cider or vinegar. 

As mentioned above, the bath will cause a lot of heating and sweating, which is its method of operation. So, keep a wet towel near you to cool your neck or face if you feel like it. Furthermore, drink a good amount of water before, after, and also during the bath. After the bath, you can use some time to cool down and then go in for a cold shower, or you can do it immediately after. The cold shower will help enhance the effect of the bath and cool you down. 

Some precautions involve doing a patch test with ginger before soaking in a tub full of it. Take a small piece of ginger or some grated ginger and place it on your arm for 5-6 minutes. If any irritation develops, then steer clear of the ginger and mustard bath.

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