Indoor Plants for First Time Plant Parents

The perfect guide for all the beginners who want to parent plants in their houses.

Taking care of a plant can be a strenuous task. People are often hesitant to parent a houseplant because of how much care and maintenance it requires. It can be difficult for a busy person to spare time for a plant's care and look after its needs. Therefore, many give up on their dream of having a house plant for these reasons.


But contrary to popular opinion, taking care of plants isn't as difficult of a task as it is considered. Many categories of plants are easy to keep since the maintenance they require is pretty manageable for a person. So, all the beginnerswho are not yet ready to buy a plant.


Not only the houseplants on this list will light up your houses, but they will be easily manageable for beginners and fulfil one's dream of parenting a houseplant.


1-  Golden Pothos Vine


Since it's a hanging plant, it is very popular for indoor decoration. From a cute small houseplant, it can transform into a huge tree size giant. One can plant it in a pot or some basket, and luckily, it is one of those plants that does not require too much care or attention. It will grow to own it from its origin point, and the yellow and green leaves will spread out.


2-  The Spider Plant


The best thing about this plant is that they can survive just fine without sunlight, temperature and even water. A dream come true for any person out there who wants to keep a plant but wouldn't want it to suffer because of the owner's carelessness.


It can be planted into a pot or basket, and once it starts to mature, it will have platelets that, in addition to forming an impressive displays, can also be replanted.


3-  Lucky Bamboo


This perennial plant is truly a lucky one indeed. It can live even in an environment with poor air quality and the worst lighting without a problem. It does not need to be watered punctually either, and is believed by many to be a carrier of good luck.


4-  Succulents and Cacti

This house plant is also a famous one and can be spotted in many gardens and stores. They come in a lot of variety and are regarded as a plant of the desert. They have thick prominent leaves, which can sometimes have a spine and sometimes not.


These plants take their sweet time in growing and can survive pretty well on their own. The ideal spot for them can be in any place of your house with bright sunlight. Their pots should be drained out, and they require a low amount of water only.


5-  Peperomia


This cute little plant will be great for putting on one's working desk or the kitchen counter. Peperomia is not short on varieties and comes in various colors. One can buy this plant of thick leaves in a shade of green, red, purple, and even green.


The plant is particularly admired for its pretty leaves that are available in different shapes and sizes. It's another one of those plants that are not too demanding and can live through neglect. It can be planted alone or combined with another plant and will do fine with medium or high levels of sunlight.


Loamy soil is ideal for the plant, and it is preferable to keep the pot well-drained.


6-  Wandering Jew


This houseplant is a perfect fit for a beginner because it is less likely to die. It is a very attractive plant that has originated from Mexico and can bloom in different colors, including purple, pink, and white.


The plant can grow out and have its leaves cascading down, so it will look great in a basket while placed at a highspot. This plant isn't too picky and demands only two things, humidity, and moisture. While growing out, it can become thinner, and in such a case, it is recommended to cut the tips to make it grow thicker.


7-  Cast Iron


The cast iron house plant stays true to its name since it's a plant with a will of iron. It isn't sensitive at all and can survive just fine in pretty harsh conditions. The fact that these plants can survive for up to 50 years is proof of the plants Iron wills itself.


The plant is a slow grower, and its dark green hue leaves won't occupy too much space in your house. It will only grow one or two leaves in a whole year, so it can be placed with other plants to compensate for its lack of lusciousness.

Low humidity levels and low light is well suited to this plant's requirement. It is not a fan of maintained temperature either, and it doesn't require too much water. Ideally, it should be watered every 2-3 weeks once.


8-  Fiddle Leaf fig


This one is a fashionable plant that is also the choice of many interior designers. The plant isn't too voluminous and won't demand a bug space. The big dark green leaves are shaped similar to a Fiddle, and this plant is highly recommended for all beginners.


Although this plant admires a wet and warm environment, it will survive pretty well with a fair amount of sunlight and water. However, one thing to note about this plant is that it is susceptible to diseases and pests. Therefore, it will require a bit of care in this aspect, but other than that, it is pretty easy to care for.


9-  Madagascar Dragon Tree


Another one of the popular plants for beginners is also easy to maintain. It can last for up to more than ten years and can go on to attain a height of 6 feet as well. The plant has pretty leaves that are thin in appearance and have dual colors. What's ideal for this plant is the use of potting soil with slight moisture, and it can survive an extended period without any water.


The plant can get an infestation, so it should be given attention and those who have cats or dogs as pets, becareful because they like to chew on the leaves.


10-  Moth Orchid


The plant has a distinctive shape and will provide enough to be an excellent choice for a houseplant for beginners.This plant is not high maintenance at all and has a blooming season of 4 months. Annually, these plants may bloom twice, and their life span is more than one decade.


It is recommended not to plant them in soil and instead plant them on clay pellets or moss. Be wary of overeating because that will result in the plant's death. In order to do this, let the pot dry thoroughly before watering it. Although the plant requires sufficient sunlight, they are susceptible to burning if exposed to full soon for longer hours. It will be ideal to leave the plant in the sun in the late afternoons.


Now that we have rounded up a list of 10 easy to manage indoor Plants, hopefully, as our reader, one must be convinced that parenting a plant is not that difficult. Do not fret even if you are a beginner and do not have extensive knowledge about the dos and don'ts of keeping a plant.



Simply pick a plant from this list, follow what's ideal for it and go along with it. Just stick to our advice, and in no time, you can emerge as a seasoned gardener instead of a beginner.

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