New Year! New Health!

It’s that time of year again when we give thanks for making it to the end! Then, create lists and vision boards of what we hope to accomplish during the upcoming year. Before continuing, take a moment to give yourself a round of applause because you’ve made it. We’ve survived another year in a global pandemic, due to COVID-19. If I’m honest, it has not been easy or 100% pleasant.

Yes, some of us traveled for the first time in a long time. Some of us even spent time with our loved ones and met up with friends after the world was introduced to rapid COVID testing and vaccinations. While the above was possible for some of us, and 2021 was a lot more eventful than 2020, many of us found these uncertain times to be quite difficult. As a result, our mental, physical, and/or spiritual health was affected. So, I’ve created a few things to consider adding to your vision boards and routines that’ll support you and your health in 2022.



In this new year, vow to be kind to yourself. To be clear, I’m not referring to purchasing yourself gifts, taking yourself on a spa day, or treating yourself to your favorite meal. While these are all wonderful additions to self-care and I support this ritual, however, I am specifically referring to the way you speak to and about yourself.

Oftentimes, we are our harshest critics, and we judge ourselves more than anyone else. While we tell ourselves it helps us go harder or it’s tough love that’s necessary, I would like to lovely interrupt that notion because it often has an adverse effect on our mental health. Instead, speak kind and affirming words to and about you. For example, “I am creative, and I will figure this out.”, or “My body has kept me alive, and I am working out to be good to my body.”, or “I forgive me for going against my intuition.” These are just a few ideas. Additionally, don’t forget to tell yourself, “I love me, and I am enough!”  



Boundaries are often left out of conversations that discuss self-care. But, not in 2022! This year, trust that boundaries are your best friend. Boundaries are not to isolate you, but to assist you as you navigate through life with parameters that are safe and healthy for your wellbeing. In short, boundaries are an important factor in maintaining your health; physical, mental, and spiritual. Lastly, while your therapist, spiritual leader, or friend may be able to assist you with creating boundaries, it is up to you to honor and enforce them. 



Every year, most of us create our vision boards and list of goals we’d like to accomplish by the end of the year. Then, we see memes, posts, and videos throughout the world wide web that suggest we should not be sleeping if our goals haven’t been met. In 2022, please skip those posts and videos. Resting will not be the reason your visions are not manifested. Conversely, it is likely that stress, anxiety, and health issues will pause your progress or set you back a little. And studies have shown that the lack of rest does, in fact, result in declining health. Here is a gem that I hope you store somewhere close so you don’t forget it; “What’s for you, you will have”. Create time to rest. When you are rested, you are more creative, you have more energy, you’re practicing good health habits, and you’re happier.



While we know this, it’s always good to have a reminder to drink your water. Staying hydrated helps with almost everything; from mood, to sleep and health, to skin and hair. In 2022, we’re looking to evolve and elevate, and this is in every area. So, don’t forget that staying hydrated will support the internal and external glow we’re striving towards.



There are major items you’re going to manifest and see through fruition. But don’t wait until your seeds are producing fruit to celebrate or be proud of yourself. Congratulate yourself every step of the way because you are worthy of it. Each part of your journey is an accomplishment. Practicing gratitude along the way, will allow you to enjoy, or even, fall in love with the process. This is important because it can take longer than expected to accomplish the vision. But, when you’re having a good time because you can recognize how far you’ve come, giving up removes itself from becoming an option. So, celebrate every moment of the journey because you’re making progress.


Overall, I’m proud of you for getting through 2021 with all the bumps and bruises the pandemic threw at us. In 2022, pandemic or not, you will be healthy! The most important element of health is how you treat you. Let’s be intentional about putting our health first so we can grow and glow. I believe in you!




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