Creating the Life You Desire

Creating the Life You Desire
By: Dom Skinner


How often do we sit around and think about the life we want to live, or share fantasies and dreams about what we wish we could be doing? In essence, what we’re saying is ‘there is more that I desire in my life’. While there is nothing wrong with wanting more or different, there can be obstacles in the way of obtaining it. However, the obstacles and roadblocks are not mountains that cannot be moved. We must navigate around them. Below are ways to create the life you desire.


Believe That It Is Possible


The first step in obtaining your wildest dream is believing that it is possible for you. More often than not, we have been conditioned to take inventory of what we do not have and make definitive statements about what is possible for our futures. So, in short, we are conditioned to look at our limitations and live within the borders of what we see. As a result, we don’t believe the wildest dream is possible. Let’s interrupt that. Begin to use your imagination to see it, feel it, smell it, and/or touch it. Then, see yourself within it, doing it, being it, etc. Whatever the “it” is for you, believe that it is possible. Not just in your mind, but also with your words.


Remove the Doubt


I was once told that having doubt is a part of the process. I now understand that doubtful thoughts may present themselves, but it is my job to quickly remove the doubt and continue in what is possible. If I am honest, it is easier said than done. One reason that makes this extremely difficult is the thoughts and beliefs of others; especially those we love.


Unknowingly, our loved ones will place their personal doubt on us by sharing stories of someone they know who tried something similar, and how it didn’t work out for them. Or how they’ve never met a person to do or have (insert your desire). The worst of the projected doubt is the infamous question, “what is your back-up plan just in case this doesn’t work out for you?”. This question normally sticks to us like wet chewing gum on the bottom of a shoe. “What if it doesn’t work out?” plays on repeat to the point of paralysis. To help remove the doubt, ask a new question, “What if it ALL works out?”


Alter Your Life


To have what we want, we have to ask ourselves, “Who must I become?”. Our ways of being creates possibilities in what we are willing to do. While we speak a lot about what we should do in order to achieve the life we want, the reality is, we can know what to do and still not do it. I believe it’s because we should put an emphasis on the “being”.


For instance, if I desire a long-term relationship, I may be advised to go on dates to meet someone, join an app, or attend social events to meet people. What if I am not a social person and these suggestions make me weak to my stomach? Or what if I was hurt in a past relationship and had a hard time trusting, or didn’t have positive examples of relationships around me? While all of these things can be true, having a long-term relationship can still be possible, if I choose to alter how I show up. I may have to be vulnerable, be open, be courageous, etc. I may have to let go of what doesn’t serve my vision, to make room for what I desire.


Though there are additional steps that we can take to create the life we desire, I believe that the first steps are those mentioned above. We must believe that it is possible. Remove the doubt that keeps us from starting, progressing, and/or completing. Make some changes in our live, by showing up in a way that creates space for our wildest dreams to be our reality. As a reminder, ask yourself daily, what if it ALL works out?






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