What You Should Know About Yoni Steaming

What you should know about Yoni Steaming

For centuries, people have relied on the extensive knowledge of healers to heal and alleviate suffering occasioned by some conditions in life. They have taught the importance of using herbs to heal common ailments, maintaining vitality, and maintaining fertility among other health challenges that affect people.  From Maya bajos to Korean chai-yok,  healers have used vagi steam also known as vaginal steam or yoni steaming to help women deal with, among other problems, chronic fertility issues and heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle.

So what is yoni steaming?

This is a vaginal wellness practice that has been respected by healers for many years and across the different regions of the globe. The practice allows a woman to enjoy the warmth of herbal steam, that permeates into the exterior of her vagina and produces a healing effect. It is an opportunity for women to reconnect with their bodies, utilizing long-held knowledge to heal a cycle.

Benefits of yoni steaming

For centuries women have shared the deep secrets of yoni steaming. Millions have benefited from its healing powers. Here are some of the benefits that women have derived from this wonderful therapy.

Eases and improves menstrual cycles

Many women dread that time of the month when the nature comes calling, a time when they experience excruciating pain, exhaustion, bloating and other problems associated with menstruation. Those who have discovered yoni steaming have had all their menstrual problems solved. The medicinal properties of the herbs which are used during the bath help in dislodging the materials which are stuck and cause pain and discomfort during the menstruation period. The herbs, which have cleansing and healing properties are carried through the system and absorbed into the bloodstream through the uterus. With such, the menstrual flow is controlled making them easy, regular and painless.

Healing the womb

A significant number of women suffer from numerous fertility challenges. Conditions such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts make it hard to conceive. However, with use of yoni steaming, the uterus sheds the old blood and miraculously ejects non-essential cells leaving the uterus clean and healthy.

Helps relaxation

There is a powerful release of emotions and stress when having a yoni steam. You only need to spend at least half an hour and experience a life changing moment as you focus on wellbeing. Allow the gentle herbs to penetrate your body, release the stuck materials and experience a wonderful feeling that leaves you wholly relaxed. During this self care routine, you will have time to relax, reflect, meditate and bring a sense of emotional wellbeing and relaxation.

A deep connection with inner energy

With yoni steaming, a woman has an opportunity to connect with her inner energy, enjoy her fertility, widen our knowledge of our bodies and bring out the powerful feminine stamina that we hold within. With this exercise women learn to channel the energy of their uterus to unlock creativity that helps them to discover themselves and their life purpose.


With yoni steaming, women have an opportunity to get rid of toxins in their uterus. As the steam penetrates from the exterior of the vagina, congestions in the womb are cleared. The gentle heat and moisture release physical toxins from the cells removing all the unwanted materials in this part of the body. With this process, a woman is left free of toxins which may be affecting her fertility and also her capacity to enjoy her sex life.

Helps women enjoy sex more

Sexual pleasure is one of the ways a woman can cultivate a sense of self love as well as increase her self-confidence. Yoni steaming helps women discover themselves better, helping them to feel more sexy and sensual. At a physical level, the exercise helps in improving circulation as well as increasing lubrication in the vagina. This in return increases our sexual desire and makes sex more enjoyable. Also the very process of yoni steaming is in itself arousing, women get turned on, the sensual feeling presents a wonderful opportunity for women to discover and enjoy their sexuality.

Increasing fertility

Although there are several reasons for fertility problems, one of the common challenges in hardening of the uterus lining as well as build up of materials around the walls. The yoni steaming process helps in breaking up these materials and eventually releasing them through the menstrual process. With such the uterine walls are ready for fertilization of the eggs. With such, issues of fertility are solved all through having a relaxing moment in a steam which has essential herbs.

Speeding recovery after birth

Known for removing toxins and foreign materials in the reproductive system a yoni steaming is also good for speeding recovery after birth. It helps in the repair of the teats and scars as well as encouraging the tightening of the tissues around the area. However, it should not be started immediately, a woman who has given birth needs to wait for at least a week before they have yoni steaming allowing the body to first heal on its own.

When not to have yoni steaming

Although yoni steaming presents the above benefits, there are times or cases when a woman is advised to avoid a vaginal steaming. When a woman is experiencing extremely heavy menstrual cycle, it is advisable to avoid it during the period. It should also be avoided when one has vaginal infections, sores, blisters, open wounds, when pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Also, for those who have genital piercings it is advisable to remove them during the exercise.

You can do it at home

The beauty of yoni steaming is that it can be done right in the comfort of your home. It is a convenient, simple and accessible process which any woman can do at home. All that one has to do is get a Yoni Steam Herbal blend, a product that is available at Urban Serenité. Put a pot of hot water with herbal blend under a seat which has a hole. Disrobe from the waist down and sit over the steam for between thirty minute and an hour allowing the steam to permeate the skin.

The trick with enjoying the yoni steaming is getting the right products, urbanserenite.com is the place where you can get a quality herbs blend allowing you to enjoy the process. Get carefully crafted herb blends which have high quality aromatic, healing and toning properties. The fair trade and organic herbs will give you the relaxing and healing experience. It will provide you with an effective therapy that has been used for centuries to provide menstrual challenges relief, solve fertility problems and provide a sensual feeling to women.

Yoni steaming is not just about fertility therapy, it also presents women with an opportunity to look beautiful. It is a reconnection of the female body with the power of herbal healing. Women have a chance to celebrate their bodies, cherish their desires and gain from the benefits that are presented by yoni steaming. They will gain full control of their bodies, alleviate their self-esteem and confidence and improve their general health. Trust the ancient knowledge and wisdom to give you pleasure, healing and satisfaction.

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