Sweet Vanilla Whipped Body ButterSweet Vanilla Whipped Body Butter

Sweet Vanilla Whipped Body Butter

Completely void of artificial ingredients, toxic preservatives and heavy additives, our Sweet Vanilla Whipped Body Butter absorbs quickly to leave the skin hydrated and healthy without the extras. Unrefined shea,...
Sore Muscle + Stiff Joint SalveSore Muscle + Stiff Joint Salve

Sore Muscle + Stiff Joint Salve

Infused with arnica extract, our Sore Muscle Salve delivers fast-acting relief in order to mitigate soreness, aches, strains and pains. This natural herb serves as the featured ingredient, as it...
All Purpose Healing SalveAll Purpose Healing Salve

All Purpose Healing Salve

Handmade out of 100% organic ingredients that rapidly soothe irritation or chapped skin, this all purpose salve saves the day time and time again. The herbal infusion invigoratingly revives, naturally...
Floral Body SerumFloral Body Serum

Floral Body Serum

Infused with powerful flowers such as rose buds, lavender buds and calendula flowers to help sooth, relax, and beautify the skin. This toning body serum is lightly scented yet still...